“Tour de force return after decade and a half – a luminous reunion ****”

The Irish Times


“Virtuoso playing abounds … the most creative bodhran player on the planet … superb technique plus a genuine feel and some stonking tunes is a powerful recipe”



“Wow. Just wow… music to lift you up and make your heart beat faster… Flook, Ancora. If you love music and have a set of functioning ears, get it and go listen. Now. It doesn’t get much better than this, ever.”


“Ancora picks up where Flook left off with Haven 14 years ago, delighting us, again, with their unique, exciting sound and their ever-inventive arrangements. Expectations more than fully met – simply a brilliant album.”

Folk Radio UK


The anticipation was worth it.
Mysterious, joyful,
A wonder to behold”
Sean Smith, Boston Irish Reporter


“Astonishing… Ancora is the highest peak of their more than twenty year old career”

Michele Mele, Bright Young Folk


“This is certainly an album you should buy, a milestone from an iconic band”


“Flook have delivered another gem… Ancora is an impeccable example of exceptionally expressive, shape-shifting Celtic music craftsmanship”


“I listened to this album over the weekend with great delight. So full of lovely music that goes right to the heart of things. Superbly played and arranged, it’s crisp and clear and irresistible”

Michael Palin, March 2019


“opus magnifique”




Mark Patterson, BBC Radio Foyle


“as ingenious as they always have been … incredibly tight and full of virtuosity, passion and skill… always adventurous and unique” 



“Flook are back with a bang, and better than ever – a very welcome return from one of folk’s finest bands”

Irish Music Magazine


“…it’s Flook’s absolutely unique combination of sensational musicianship and sensational symbiosis, the rapport and interplay, the astounding precision of phrasing and rhythm, the unfathomable tightness and phenomenal agility, the boldness of their musical flights, and yes, the immense variety concealed within the beauteous intricacy of the traditional-styled yet mostly self-penned tunes they play…. As brilliant, inventive, and tremendously exciting as always, and a rare instance of an all-instrumental album that holds our attention throughout. Music to move and uplift. Again and again. Encore!!”

David Kidman, Fatea


Sarah and Brian talk about making the album and the background to some of the tunes.

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